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The Internet, Online, 12/11/2015

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Welcome to Irish Poetry Therapy Network -IPTN, a non-profit organisation that provides an environment where participants explore at first hand, through the use of poetry therapy and bibliotherapy, the healing power of poetry and writing as a means of identifying and dealing with various life issues.

The Secret Garden

I wandered along the way,
collected seeds and bulbs.
gathered pebbles,
bright and dark
small and big.
While walking on a path,
a door opened on a secret garden.
I stepped in and unravelled a thread.
Slowly and consciously.



Planting seeds
Putting a stick in the ground
and tightening the thread around it.

I kept moving in different directions
going straight
Forming a circle


Planting seeds
Putting stick in the ground
and tightening the thread around it.

Then, I displayed the stones around it
creating a carpet.
I sat down
As I looked at each seed growing
at each buds opening and blooming.
I heard my own heart beating
“Thank you” and “Kindness”
I opened the door,
I invited others
to pick my growing flowers
to collect seeds from it
to plant their own garden.

Comment: What a beautiful idea using poetry to express one’s fears and problems and working through it! #The power of writing

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