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Here are 9 reasons why humanities matter.

Title: Here are 9 reasons why humanities matter. What’s your number 10? Author: Curt Rice Full Text & Source: http://www.curt-rice.com/2014/02/25/here-are-9-reasons-why-humanities-ma The Internet, Online, 9/11/2015 Sample Text: Did you know that over two-thirds of humanities majors get jobs in the private … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde

I know not whether Laws be right, Or whether Laws be wrong; All that we know who lie in gaol Is that the wall is strong; And that each day is like a year, A year whose days are long. … Continue reading

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The Irish Widow’s Message to Her Son in America

“Remember, Denis, all I bade you say, Tell him we’re well and happy, thank the Lord! But of all our troubles since he went away, You’ll mind, avic, and never say a word, – Of cares and troubles sure we’ve … Continue reading

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The Wreck of the Gwendoline by C. J. Boland

From the day I was nine, the wish was mine A sailor bold to be ; I began to pine for the stormy brine, And a life on the deep blue sea. And so one day on the old Bridge … Continue reading

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The 1916 Rising : Personalities and Perspectives – An Online Exhibition

Title: W.B. Yeats and the Irish Literary Revival Author: National Library Of Ireland Full Text & Source: http://www.nli.ie/1916/pdf/3.4.3.pdf The Internet, Online, 9/11/2016 Sample Text: W.B. Yeats and the Irish Literary Revival. The movement contributed to a sense of national identity, … Continue reading

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