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The Internet, Online, 30/10/2015

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How to Research your Assignment

This tutorial is aimed at first year students or those wanting to improve their research skills. It shows you how to research your assignment by creating a research strategy and identifying the sources of information you need to use.

How to Think Critically

This tutorial is aimed at all students and describes what critical thinking skills is and how these skills can be applied to academic study. At the end of this tutorial, students will be able to understand the benefits of critical thinking and apply these skills to their coursework.
 How to Avoid Plagiarism

This tutorial is aimed at all students and describes what plagiarism is and how to avoid to it. Students are also introduced to plagiarism detection software.

Alternative: view how to avoid plagiarism as a pdf

How to Reference your Sources

This tutorial is aimed at all students and explains the importance of referencing information sources. At the end of this tutorial students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of citing and referencing sources correctly using the Harvard referencing style.

Alternative: view how to reference your sources as a pdf

How to Write a Literature Review

This tutorial is aimed at those students involved in research and outlines the purpose of a literature review. At the end of the tutorial students will demonstrate an understanding of how to write a literature review.

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