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Title: iPhone Apps for Writers

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The Internet, Online, 28/10/2015

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Any writer will tell you, inspiration for your next literary piece can strike at any moment. A lot of those times, you’re usually not near a computer, and if you’ve forgotten your trust notepad, such sparks can be lost as quickly as gained. Thankfully, if you have your iOS device nearby, all is not lost. Check out our latest AppList as we explore some of the avenues writers have for jotting down their words, along with a few Apps that may help stimulate those creative juices.

Free Writing Apps


by Automattic


Most folks that are interested in writing should be familiar with WordPress, the popular free blogging application that will either host a blog for you or on your own domain. The WordPress app is a universal program that essentially contains the same functionality as that of the desktop web application, such as adding, editing, removing and posting entries (along with image insertion, tags, categories, and much more). Recommended for those looking for a quick, easy way to get their writings online.


by Dropbox


For writers that work on multiple computers and gadgets, DropBox is an essential app. Use a DropBox client on your desktop, upload your latest writings, and retrieve them on your iOS device, ready to be edited. Upload your changed work back to your account to sync up your changes. This is one of the better Apps for ensuring your writings are backed up and ready to go on multiple machines.

Paying Apps ($0.99-7.99)

My Writing Spot for iPad


Writer’s Studio

iJournaler – Your Diary to Journal on iPad

Story Tracker – a submission tracking tool for writers



The Brainstormer

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Pomodoro Time Management


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