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Can we deduce facts about angels, given the variation in beliefs about divine entities?

Angels are often viewed as being extensions of a divine being, used for errands such as bringing messages, and fulfilling tasks of the deity. Religions vary, and so do the traditional teachings regarding angels, their duties, and whether or not they have free will. Some religions teach that angels can only do what the supreme being instructs them to do. Appearances of angels vary as well, but most depictions and descriptions of angels are human in form.

Voltaire once said, “It is not known precisely where angels dwell – whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God’s pleasure that we should be informed of their abode.” And so, much mystery and superstition has been created concerning angels. Angels are primarily found within Judaic, Christian, and Muslim beliefs, though ancient cultures also had beliefs in angels (for more on this, read: History of Angels). Christianity teaches that angels live in heaven, spirit beings created by God to not only serve Him, but to also serve humans by bringing protection, messages, and battling evil. Angels are believed to be pure spirits who are not subject to sin, and thus are able to stand before the holy deity without suffering harm. Many believe that one third of the angels fell from Heaven, and follow a fallen archangel named Lucifer, or Satan, and thus have become fallen angels, namely demons.

Without going further into all the superstitions regarding angels, we would like to answer questions regarding angels, and hopefully give you some angel facts. Each answer will explore the most common social, religious belief regarding angels, but then, explain them spiritually.

Can People Become Angels After Death?
Many believe angels to be divinely created, spirit beings that are not related to humans in any way. The distinction between angels and mankind is typically made from passages in the Bible, such as Matthew 22:30, which says “At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” But let’s consider this scripture more closely. It is not saying that humans and angels are different, but that humans are in the manner as angels. What is manner? The word manner means “kind.” Humans are spirits, the same as angels; and when that spirit is disembodied at the time of physical death, it is free to move on in the spirit realm. Angels are spirits, and so are humans. Yes, people can become angels after death of the body. Angels are enlightened messengers, spirits who speak to mankind. Not all people initially work in this capacity, but many do in some form or fashion. As spirits, it is all about loving one another and growing; ever elevating in enlightenment, which is knowing truth. Angels ascend and descend upon people to share messages of love and truth, no matter where such a low one can be found.

What are Angels?
People think of angels as having wings and halos, but angels are messengers. The original word from which we derive the word angel, means messenger. In the Bible, there are many places where angels are described as being human in form, and they often bring a message. A messenger does not have to be a spirit to be an angel, for anyone who brings a message is a messenger. There are many scriptures where the word for angel is used to describe a human messenger.

What Do Angels Do?
Angels bring messages to others, but they also work to assist, and guide use. Not wanting to interfere with our lives, angels allow us to make choices, but often will bring wise counsel. Angels observe, speak, even rescue at times. They are loving spirits in the unseen realm. Sometimes angels can be seen; other times they can be heard as thoughts within us. Occasionally, angels can be felt.

What Do Angels Look Like?
If an angel is seen, they are typically described one of two ways: either they are human in appearance, or they are described as spirit bodies of light. Can angels taken on the form of humans? Yes, they can, for they are human spirits. Many times angels help and assist people, and the ones they help are completely unaware of who they are. For example, we have had numerous accounts of angels rescuing people, coming out of no where, then disappearing as quickly as they manifested. The people rescued never knew they were saved by an angel, until they think about the experience later. An example of this is found within the New Testament, “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” Sometimes, people have described seeing a glowing messenger through dreams or visions, and these visitors are often enveloped in a bright light. They emanate peace and love, which can be tangibly felt, bringing a message of importance. The common social concept of angels are that they have wings and halos, but depictions such as they were created by artists until after the fourth century, and was based primarily on Greek gods, and other ancient cultures’ deities. The artists were looking for a simple way to illustrate angels as being different from the humans in their artwork (for more on this, read: Angels In Early Christian Art). Wings convey the idea that angels are from the higher place, namely spirit, which some call Heaven. This is most likely how the idea of wings were added to spirits in literature and art. Also read: Angel Wings.

Are All Angels Good?
Yes. True angels which are simply enlightened, benevolant, spirit messengers always have our best interest in mind. But also know that people whose spirit does not elevate at first, and chooses to remain attached to this earthly realm are what we call ghosts. These earthbound spirits will bring their own messages to people, usually looking for help in ascending out of their condition. These are the very people that angels attempt to free. We may consider ghosts as being fallen angels, in a sense, meaning their message is not enlightened and usually one of fear. That would make ghosts (earthbound spirits) fallen messengers. Lost people in spirit are not something to fear, but are just in need of love and truth to set them free.

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