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Some of my teacher friends who take students into their homes for a fee. One in particular accepts 2 females who stay in one bedroom for 9 months every year and they go to local schools. She takes in females, from Germany and Italy only! Each family has to make up their own minds on this.

In the morning they do their own breakfast, usually a cereal or coffee and toast. You must pack a school lunch for them: a sandwich, apple, yogurt and mineral, fresh every morning. You prepare daily a family dinner at 6 o’clock daily and as a family you eat and you discuss their day and practice conversational English. Then they go and study in their room for the night. You do one load of washing and drying a week for them, usually Friday their school uniforms, tracksuits and jeans are washed for the following week. Saturday is their own day for going to town and meeting up with friends. Many go horse riding or to the local gym in the evenings and weekends.  It is a good idea to have a list of all local amenities for them. However, each Sunday you have to do a family day and let them experience Irish culture. It could be a spin to a local beach, attend local concerts or plays, visit a castle, park or sports arena, have a family shopping trip to a mall!

They are all in love with Riverdance and Irish music. Some like to join a choir or learn Irish dancing. The idea is that they learn to speak the English language as a second language and experience our Irish culture. I recommend you take 17 -19 year olds as any of my teacher friends who took the younger ones said they were too immature and they had problems with them!

It is a job for the family and you earn €100 -€125 per week for each student. They stay for 9 months, the school term and 2 students is about €1,000 a month. They stay in a single room with 2 single rooms and share a wardrobe but have their own locker. As a rule they don’t bring much clothes as they will be in their school uniforms, weekdays. There needs to be a table/desk and 2 chairs, for them to do their homework. If there is not a phone connection in their home, look into wifi.  It is a good idea to keep 2 students together as they are company and support for one another. The students pay all their own expenses. Your salary is paid monthly through your bank account by Inter Studies. It is a good idea to have a file written with all the house rules and local services for the kids. The key is to have constant dialogue with them and to invite them to share all the information you need for them to have a comfortable stay.Diet is a big thing: some are vegetarian, all like a fresh supply of fruit, others insist on organic Muesli, others won’t drink tea and must have coffee!! The good news is it easy to do you just make a shopping list and all are available in Lidl, at a reasonable price. As a rule my friends say they don’t snack, they just eat their 3 meals a day.

There is a lot of work in the beginning but then once it is organised it is plain sailing. Many kids go to the local city schools and colleges. You have to collect them from the airport and help arrange their school transport, uniforms and books. It amounts to one long shopping day in town. On leaving you have to drive them to your airport. They do have a local supervisor in Ireland if you have any problems with the students.

They love to use the Internet and they bring their laptops as it is a vital source of communication with their family and school friends back home. So Internet in your home is almost essential.

When they go out or are late home on the bus ask them to text you to tell you of any delays or what time they will be home for dinner. You give them your mobile number and you get theirs and basically you stay in contact with them, especially when they are out at night. They are great for joining the local gyms and most of them are never in the house after the first week or two when they make friends.


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From Inter Studies

Parents/TeachersWork With Inter Studies Part-Time

Title:Join our team!

Author: Inter Studies

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The Internet, Online, 8/10/2015

Sample Text:

From time to time we need to expand our network of local area representative, covering all of the UK and Ireland.

Being an InterStudies Area Representative is not full time employment and it need not take up all that much of your time, but if you like working with people and enjoy the company of the young it will be a very rewarding role.

As a local supervisor for InterStudies you are responsible for finding suitable host families for our long term foreign students, coming to live as family members while attending a local school. You will be the local contact person for your students while they are studying in this country as well as for their host families. You will meet new people and experience interesting cultural differences.

As a self employed local representative you will, of course, receive a fee for being responsible for your InterStudies students. In addition to this you will have an expense budget to cover e.g. social arrangements with the students, local travel and telephone expenses.

We have gathered some more information about working as an InterStudies area representative in a pdf file, which can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD

In order to apply you do not need previous experience with the exact same type of work as training will be provided. What is important, however, is that you are a very responsible and dedicated person, and that you are friendly and outgoing. You will be the face of InterStudies in your local area, you need to be seen as approachable by the students as well as seeking to make new contacts among potential host families.

You will need regular access to a computer and basic computer skills are necessary as is a drivers licence and access to a car. A CRB check is required and we will expect you to provide suitable references.

If you would like to apply for a position as an area representative, please fill in our  application form, which you can download here: APPLICATION

The application form is in pdf format and should be saved on your computer, from where you are able fill in the form at your leisure and save the information as you wrk though the form.

Please email your completed application to

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to be able to welcome you as a member of the Interstudies Team!

 Become A Host Family

We receive a large number of students every year, and each student needs a caring home.

To become a host family you need to be able to offer a homely environment and be willing to include the student as a member of your family. Our students are coming to Britain and Ireland to experience the local way of life and to live as part of a family.

While we offer financial compensation, we do expect you to invite your student to become a family member for the duration of his or her stay, and to include your student in family gatherings and outings. We expect you to be interested in sharing your culture with your student and to show him or her around your local area, including some sightseeing.

Most of our students are between 16 and 19 years old. They come from all walks of life and from a range of countries. We enroll our students in local schools and we have a network of InterStudies representatives who are available with guidance.

We have gathered some more information in the Hosting for InterStudies booklet. Many of your questions regarding hosting for us will be answered in this booklet.

For further information please fill in the enquiry form below.

If you require any further information about hosting with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


15 Annandale Street, Edinburgh EH7 4AW,        United Kingdom

Registered office:

Compass House, Chivers Way

Histon, Cambridge CB24 9AD

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)131 634 0540

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Fax: +44 (0)122 343 0131

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