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Run by UCC Law Faculty to complement its contribution to BAILII


In September 2001, as part of its contribution to the BAILII project, UCC Law Faculty established IRLII (Irish Legal Information Initiative).

IRLII is intended to complement, rather than compete with, BAILII. Apart from providing BAILLI with Irish content, IRLII also offers a number of unique services.

The IRLII Index of Cases

The first complete searchable index of decisions of the Irish High Court and Supreme Court, spanning 1997 to date, including citations of cases reported in the Irish Reports and Irish Law Reports Monthly, as well as links to the text of the decisions on BAILII (where available). Older leading cases are also included in the index. began life as a section of the IRLII website. Since early 2007 it has been given its own idenity as it deals primarily with secondary sources of law rather than the caselaw and legislation more associated with IRLII. contains a comprehensive listing of academic articles published in 20 Irish journals from 1997 to date. This index may be searched by author, title, or keyword.


IRLII provides Irish Statutes in HTML and PDF format. These are integrated with related statutory instruments. Where available links to the full text of statutory instruments are provided.

The Website

The website has been extensively redisigned twice since 2001. Firstly during Autumn 2003 to incorporate the latest in content delivery technology (and a new logo, the TWIRLII!), and secondly in late 2007 to offer more features and make the interface more intuitive.

The present website is powered by a MySql database hosted on the UCC webserver.

IRLII Index of Cases

Irish Legislation

Irish Law Site


The British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII, pronounced like “Bailey”) provides legal information, and especially reports of cases decided by courts, in the United Kingdom generally. Decisions from England and Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the European Union, and from the European Court of Human Rights are put online. It is an on-line database of British and Irish legislation, case law, law reform reports, treaties and some legal scholarship.


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