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Title: Archaeology – Dig It

Author: Council for British Archaeology, UK

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The Internet, Online, 5/5/2015

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The Council for British Archaeology publishes and hosts a range of online resources and databases for archaeology professionals, students and everyone interested in finding out more about archaeology.


CBA publications offer access to our own research, through our Research Reports series and CBA Research Bulletin.

Electronic versions of our research reports and occasional papers resulting from CBA projects are available through the Archaeology Data Service.

CBA reports relating to our central aim to increase opportunities for participation and learning through archaeology are also available for download online.

As a facilitator of archaeological research, we also provide a range of online services which guide you to the resources you need.

Online publications

The complete series of CBA Research Reports, including microfiche, has been digitised and is being made available by the CBA as a staged process.

British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography

The British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography (biab online) website is a comprehensive, online database for archaeologists, students and researchers of published references and abstracts, covering material from AD 1695 to the present day.

CBA Publications

Internet Archaeology

The Council for British Archaeology publishes the premier eJournal, Internet Archaeology, providing access to quality academic content utilising the potential of electronic publication from video, audio, and full-colour images, to searchable data sets, visualisations, animations and interactive mapping.

International in scope and only available online, all content in the journal is subject to rigorous peer-review.

  • Go to our Internet Archaeology website, hosted by the Department of Archaeology, University of York

Archaeology for All series

Browse online resources in our Books and publications section

Archaeology magazine

The CBA publishes the award-winning magazine British Archaeology, available through digital subscription and our app, and free to members.

Browse our online backlibrary of the CBA Conservation and community update and read more in our Protecting our heritage section

External Links

Below are links to external sources of information on archaeological organisations and online resources including the BAJR Directory and Heritage Gateway.


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