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Soup Recipes:
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Tomato veggie soup Its very good and tastes excellent!

Stilton soup Yummy

Borscht (beetroot soup) Delicious eastern european soup

Winter spinach soup Filling and packed with goodness

Vegetable noodle soup Can be changed according to taste. rough count of 15 to 20 minuets

Simple onion soup A quick, cheap onion soup for 2 with a minimum of 3 ingredients!

Spinach soup nice

Sausage with cream of mushroom Quick and tasty

Potato and leek Simple and delicious

Vegetable macaroni soup! Super easy for broke college students!

Cheap and easy vegetable soup A warm, colourful and tasty way to enjoy a lunch or evan a starter at dinner time.

Tomato soup A classic, with a simple twist

Pea, bacon & lentil soup Cheap, delicious & nutritious!

Tomato macaroni Very easy – perfect for broke college students like me

Flu-busting chicken noodle soup A thai-style noodle soup that’s easy to make and will blast those sniffles away!

50p egg drop noodle soup Delicious, hearty and nutritious budget soup

Bacon and kidney bean soup Delicious, easy and full of flavour winter warmer

Healthy drumstick soup A yum soup made from ingredients you won’t believe can taste so good

Comforting pasta soup An extremely cheap, easy and tasty soup. great comfort food and easily adapted.

Superhealthy broccoli-pesto soup A quick, easy and really healthy soup

Easy lentil & bacon soup Lovely soup, perfect for a winters day 🙂

Chilli carrot and lentil soup With a twist

Easy leek and potato soup. Easy, cheap, tastey. awesome.

Fiery pumpkin & lentil soup Don’t waste the insides of your pumpkins this year – use them!

Easy pumpkin soup This soup is great for healthy, hearty eating. use whichever pumpkin you prefer

Jazzed up tomato soup Love a chunky soup? try out this easy recipe to transform a simple can of tomato soup

Healthy lentil soup Lentils are a great source of protein and a subsitute to meat – and are cheap to buy !

Cream of tomato soup Relish every sip of it

French onion soup Dead easy, cheap and healthier !

Grandma’s soup (hand blender required) Thick creamy veg soup, perfect for warming you up, this recipe makes one large pot.

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