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A Christmas Odyssey 15min D N + V all ages A Christmas play looking towards Easter. Designed to include all Sunday School ages. (Author: John McNeil)
A Brand New Star 30min D 9M, 1F, 5M/F, +V A very simple traditional Musical Nativity Play for children. Suitable for children 5-13 and special needs pupils. (Author: Freddie Green)
A Christmas Crisis Dur: 12min L 8M/F When a bus breaks down on Christmas Eve, the passengers have to change their attitudes if they are to get going again. (Authors: Savita Mitra and Bea Oertel)
A King for Me Dur: 45min D 4C, 2F, 1M, +V standard Xmas characters A stage play about a stage play. The Children’s Director becomes exasperated with one particular cast member while rehearsing for the church’s annual Christmas pageant – an ADHD problem-child, Evan. When things reach a breaking point, the traditional story is portrayed as seen through Evan’s eyes. (Authors: Peggy Barnell and Diane Cornett)
A Puppet Christmas 6min L 4 puppets A host asks four panel members “What is Christmas all about?” (Author: Maurice Sweetsur)
A Simple Pageantry Dur: 15min D 1N, 9+C A very basic traditional Christmas pageant for children complete with dialogue and songs – dialogue is derived from Scripture. (Author: Glenn A. Hascall)
And the Animals Talked 9min L 1N, 6C Animals in a Bethlehem manger get a major surprise when two humans are thrust into their midst. (Author: Michael Humphrey)
Away with the Manger 10min D 4M 2F, 3M/F, 1C + V A newspaper reporter and photographer go to the manger to cover the birth of Jesus. As they arrange the scene, Jesus gets pushed to one side. (Author: John Fewings)
Bossie, the Cow at the Manger 5min L 1N + V A “tell me a story” scene for young children. How Bossie the cow at the manger relents to allow the baby Jesus to stay. (Author: Dan Lozer)
Christmas Animals Dur: 45min? L 13+C The Christmas story like you’ve seen it before – through the eyes of the AnimAls of Christmas! (Main Message: “Jesus loves you no matter what you smell like, and so do we!”) Everyone is welcome at the feet of Jesus! (Authors: Troy and Genie Nilsson)
Christmas Gift Dur: 10min D N, 3C A simple telling of the Christmas story, using pieces from a nativity scene. (Author: Mark Young)
Everything I need to know about Christmas Dur: 7min D 1M, 1F, 3M/F, 1C A neighbour brings a book which explains everything the family needs to know about Christmas. (Author: Debra Wehr)
God’s Angels 30min L 12+C, 1N, 1VO The Christmas story seen from the perspective of three angels. This skit was firstperformed by school age children from ages 4 to 12. I based the skit after the television series/movie: “Charlie’s Angels”. God’s Angels were given certain missions to accomplish culminating with the Nativity scene. (Author: Peggy Woon)
Have You Seen Christmas? 12min D 3M, 4F, +V A young boy searching for Christmas has difficulty finding anyone who can tell him where to find it. (Author: Marjorie Kennedy)
Hilda’s Helpful Holiday Hints Dur:7min L 3F, 1VO A cooking show has a guest who is supposed to be an expert on the holidays, but she doesn’t seem to know the real meaning behind Christmas. (Author: Debra Wehr)
Is It Really Christmas? 10min L 2M/F,15+C Five trees discuss whether they will be chosen by children for Christmas decorations. When one is left behind, an angel shows how it can display the true gifts of Christmas. (Author: Marjorie Kennedy)
Jefferey the Mailman Dur: 25min L 1M, 4+C Jeffery is walking down the street, delivering mail to houses on Christmas Eve, whistling Frosty the Snowman, and he bumps into a few kids going to church & A 25-30 min. Christmas play that has adapted familiar secular Christmas songs and incorporated them into a Christian Christmas musical. This is a light hearted play, and since most of the tunes are familiar, it was easy to learn. (Author: Terri Lee)
Manger Mania 40min? L 17C This is the story of Christmas. . . told in a unique fashion! You’ve seen them all over the place. . . you know, all those NATIVITY SCENES! This is the story of Christmas as told through the perspective of each of the pieces of the nativity. . . in this musical you’ll meet some of the animals who were displaced by the birth of Christ, and the Innkeeper who hesitantly gave up the manger for the weary parents. You’ll meet three “cool eastern guys” who outwit the nasty Herod. . . it’s a Christmas party like you’ve never seen before! (Author: Ray Lombardi)
Papa Martyn’s Christmas Dur: 50min D 5M, 3F, 10-12M/F Tolstoy’s classic tale about a shoemaker who dreams that Jesus is going to visit him the following day. He spends the day watching and waiting amid a few interruptions from people needing his help. At the end of the day he is feeling sad that Jesus didn’t come to visit, but hears the Lord telling him that he came in each of those helped, and commending him: “What you did for others, you did for me.” (Authors: Robin & Delwyn McKenzie)
Seeing God 10min L 1 puppet + 1M/F + V Interaction between live person and puppet, on the theme, how can we see God at Christmas? (Author: Edgar Mayer)
The Cat’s Tal 15min L 2N, 8C The Christmas story seen through the eyes of inhabitants of the manger. Two Narrators act the voices and the other cast members mime. (Author: David Winfield)
The Christmas Cruise 30min D 1F, 4C Imagine four young kids stuck out in the middle of the Caribbean on a cruise with parents on CHRISTMAS EVE. . . with nothing but a bunch of silver-haired folks around! It would spell disaster if these four kids didn’t put their minds together and determine to celebrate Christmas anyway!This easy-to-perform musical features one solo for a girl’s medium-range voice, and 5 great choir tunes, along with a script that focuses on the real meaning of Christmas. (Author: Ray Lombardi)
The Evening News Hour Dur: 45min? L Full cast The channel seven evening news hour reports on the birth of the new Savior. With several field reporters interviewing all the characters to set up the creche scene. With humorous commerical breaks throughout the script. The scipt is made for a full Sunday school production. The music is from well-known Christmas carols. (Author: Kim Saunders)
The Garden 10min L 2N + V A Christmas play for all-year-round. This parable, in which the animals destroy their park through disobedience to the Gardener, attempts to put the need for the Christ-child into context of the Fall and need for redemption. (Author: John McNeil)
The Great Manger Mystery 12min L 5M/F Five animals enter their barn after a hard day of work to find there’s a kid lying in their food trough. But who is he? And where did he come from? Is it a conspiracy, or something far greater? (Author: Justyn Walker)
The Innkeeper and His Wife Dur: 15min D 33+C The Christmas story, told by the Innkeeper and his wife. Suitable for a large number of children. (Author: Margie Taylor)
The Little Drummer Boy Dur: 7min D 1C A dramatised version of the popular carol. (Author Michael Humphrey)
The Manger Masterpiece Dur: 40min L V? In this fun musical you’ll meet Bernardo Da Vinci, artist-in-residence to Caesar Augustus. . . who has been commissioned to do a landscape scene on the slopes of Bethlehem. He encounters an innkeeper and his wife, Mary & Joseph, some shepherds, the wisemen. . . and this provides him the inspiration to create a “Manger Masterpiece!” Featuring seven songs and a simple script. (Author: Ray Lombardi)
The Mysterious Christmas Card 30min D 2M, 4C, 1F, +V Just what everyone wants. . . a good mystery! That’s what a group of young friends find when a mysterious Christmas card arrives at the mailbox of one of the children – a card that would lead them on an adventure to the Post Office, the home of an elderly widow, and a church dinner for the homeless. In the musical the children truly learn the real meaning of Christmas! (Author: Ray Lombardi)
The Nativity 12min D Various A simple presentation of the Christmas story, suitable for children. Only a narrator has a speaking part. (Author: Margie Taylor)
The Pig and the Christmas Spirit 3min L 1M/F, 1 puppet Perky the Pig seems to have the wrong idea of what Christmas is about.(Author: Patrick Nixon)
The Wonderful Star Dur: 30-40min D 6M, 3F A simple play about four wise men who saw the star. One, Claudus, would not believe it would take them to the promised Messiah and missed out on the birth of Jesus. Particularly intended for those who are skeptical of the truth of Christ and the real meaning of Christmas. (Author: Tracy Lee Gimpel)
Time Travellers Dur: 15 min L 4M, 2F, 2M/F, 4C A light-hearted nativity play where two children are taken back in time to see the first Christmas. (Author: David Ruddock)
Three Wise Dudes 12min L 1M, 2F, 7M/F +V If Jesus were born today, where would we find the baby? (Author: John McNeil)
New Year
Happy New Year 4min D 2M/F Two siblings discuss New Year’s resolutions. (Author: Noel Moore)
Easter Shadow Dramas Dur: 3 x short D V These three short dramas – Palm Sunday; Good Friday and Easter Sunday – were written for a ‘Kids Praise’ activity morning at St Mary Magdalene, Longbenton, UK. A large white sheet and a strong light source is needed so that the children’s shadows mime the actions, while the narrator reads out the poem. (Author: Sheila Hamil)
Easter Sunday – Spice Girls Dur: 8min L 1N, 5F The original Spice Girls were the women who went to the garden tomb on the morning of Easter Sunday. This skit was written for a children’s talk on Easter Sunday. Not all of the actors have speaking parts, but they all need to be enthusiastic in both dressing up outrageously and over-exaggerated miming! (Author: Melinda Cousins)
Easter Sunday – Christmas Story Dur: 7min L 1N, 1M, 2F, 2M/F The characters come prepared for a Christmas play, only to discover they have got the date wrong. (Author: Melinda Cousins)
Easter Without Dad Dur: 45min+ (?) D 5+ M/F After the tragic death of Tommy’s Dad, Tommy is a wreck, especially since his Dad loved Easter. This year Tommy is in an Easter play and he is very upset. But as the rehearsal of the Easter Play progresses, he starts to realize that He isn’t going to have an Easter without Dad! (Author: John Siedenberg II)
Next Day in the Garden of Good and Evil 10min D 2N + V An Easter sequel to the Christmas play, ‘The Garden’. This parable – in which the animals destroy their park through disobedience to the Gardener, and then kill the Child of the Gardener – attempts to put the need for Christ into context of the Fall and need for redemption. The two plays may be combined into one. (Author: John McNeil)
The History of the World Dur: 12min L 1N, + puppets The story of the nativity, Easter, and why Jesus came to earth, rolled into a few minutes. (Author: Dave Taylor)
The Next Great Script II Dur: 10min L 6M, 2F Several play-writers are discussing what to do for their next project. (Author: David Ruddock, based on an idea by Glenn A. Hascall)
What is Easter all about? Dur: 4min L 1N + 4 puppets A simple presentation for puppets, which looks at the common images associated with Easter. (Author: Maurice Sweetsur)
It’s Not About the Turkey 15min L 4M, 3M/F Three friends, aided by several prominent historical figures, discuss what they think Thanksgiving is all about. (Author: Jennifer Duncan)
Northside Gratitude Dur: 12min D 5C, 1N A group of orphan children discuss why they should be thankful and learn a lesson from a new boy who has hope in a Father he’s never seen. (Glenn A. Hascall)
Thanksgiving for Silas Dur: 12min D Up to 25C (can be fewer) A group of kids attend an annual community thanksgiving dinner – none of them want to be there. They speculate on what it was like to have been a part of the first community thanksgiving meal in their town. The discovery of a journal tells them the story of a boy named Silas that helped everyone acquire an attitude of gratitude. (Glenn A. Hascall)
THANKS-ME Dur: 12min L 12C, 1M/F, 1VO THANKS-ME, a learning machine, helps a class of children to understand the origins and meaning of Thanksgiving. (Glenn A. Hascall)
Bible Stories
Bob the Hamster Dur: 5min L 1M/F, 1N, 1 toy A version of the lost sheep parable from Matthew 18:10 and Luke 15:3, but featuring Bob the Hamster. (Author: Dave Taylor)
Come Home Son 10min L 1N, 3M, 1M/F The story of the Prodigal Son, in a version suitable for puppets, mainly aimed at kids up to 10. (Author: Lucy Hawkins)
Father’s Heart Dur: 60min+ D 7F, 4M 4M/F +V ‘Father’s Heart’ is a story of relationships between people: there are people who oppress others, those who are hurt by them; there are those who are indifferent to the suffering they see, and there are others who care. Primarily it is the story of two very different sisters and the Father who loves them equally. The younger of two daughters is sick of working in her father’s orchard business and leaves her father and sister to make a name for herself in the city. Her father sets out to find her, doesn’t succeed, but finds and forgives a private investigator who has wronged him. He also rescues someone from the merciless private investigator. Later, when his daughter is mugged, she is aided by the same rescued someone who has learned to ‘pass on grace.’ On returning home she finds her father ever-loving. You’ll have no trouble recognizing the main story as that of ‘the Prodigal Son’. You will also likely recognize ‘a good Samaritan’ among the characters. Besides these two well-known parables, there are five others that crop up at other points in the play. (Authors: Robin & Delwyn McKenzie)
Good Shepherd, Smart Sheep Dur: 7min L 2M, 2F A father sheep tries to warn his lambs about the dangers of a wolf seen to have been prowling in the district. (Author: Heather Cooper)
Hey Joe 60min L 14M, 1F, 8M/F A musical telling the story of Jonah and his voyage to Ninevah. Suitable for school performance. (Authors: Robin & Delwyn McKenzie)
Joseph’s Story 8min L 5M/F A “quick-change” version of the story of Joseph, designed for only five players. (Author: Annette Wetherbee)
Noah and His Ark (well…sort of) 8min L 5M, 1F, 2M/F A funny little skit that shows what could have happened if Noah had listened to his wife instead of to God. (Author: Janelle Ponte)
Noah and the Rainbow Ark Dur: 20min / 50min D 8M, 4F, 8M/F Noah and his family are hard-working, honourable people, in contrast to the “wild people” of the valley. God is angry with these “wild people” who are spoiling the world by littering, fighting, stealing etc. Noah must build an ark to preserve each species of animal and to save his family and thus mankind. The “wild people” are sceptical and conflict occurs when they attempt to destroy the ark. (Author: Freddie Green)
Noah : Mission Flotation Dur: 10min L 6M, 1F, 1M/F The story of Noah as told through the medium of a news magazine television show. Could easily be used for a puppet team. (Glenn A. Hascall)
Perfection Dur: 7min L 1M, 1F, 1C +V The concern of a mother turtle for her babies plays out this version of the parable of the lost sheep. (Author: J’son M. Lee)
The Mouse and the Money Dur: 7min L 4M/F The fable of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is used to illustrate the parable of the Rich Fool. (Author: Michelle Pitman)
The News About Noah Dur: 15min L 10C Retelling the story of Noah using a television news broadcast. (Authors: Derek Conrad, Kara Kaufman, Kelsey Kaufman, Fran Rempel, Deb Rempel)
The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector Dur: 4min D 1N, 2C This updated version is set in a school assembly hall. (Author: Sheila Hamil)
Up, Up and Away! 30min L 4M, 5C Flavius, an overweight, not-to-bright centurion, is on a quest – a quest to find the risen Christ! Rumors have it that he’s been seen all around the city. . . so Flavius enlists the help of some of Jerusalem’s street “urchins” to help him find Jesus before he goes back to heaven! Along the way the children learn about the real reason Christ came, and also a thing or two about disabilities. This fun musical features two solos, and and great accompaniment trax. Good for right AFTER Easter! (Author: Ray Lombardi)
World’s Best Gift 7min D 2M, 1F In a radio interview, Mary explains why she poured the jar of ointment over Jesus’ head. (Authors: Cherry Grove Baptist Church)
What’s An Ark? 20min L 1N, 1V, 1M, 1F A dramatisation of the Genesis story suitable for children’s performance. (Authors: Cherry Grove Baptist Church)
Zacchaeus Dur: 4min D 1N A Broom Puppet monologue telling the story of Zacchaeus. (Author: Anne Smith)
Bring it on 45min D 9M/F A musical about school bullying, and being victorious against tough obstacles. (Author: Ray Lombardi)
Chipmunk Police 15min L 3 puppets Chip DeMonk of the Forest Patrol teaches two children about the need to care for the environment. (puppet play) (Author: Dan Wilson)
Choices Dur: 60min D 4M, 5F, 13-20 M/F “Choices” tells the story of a group of early teens who are influenced by a few of their number to make some dumb decisions. One of them learns to stand up for what is right through the wise words of a friend’s grandmother using 3 enacted biblical examples. (Authors: Robin & Delwyn McKenzie)
Forgiveness 10min D 4 puppets Tom cannot forgive Mike for losing his old football, even though Mike forgave him for the same mistake. A puppet play for kids up to about 10. Could also be played by 4 actors. (Author: Lucy Hawkins)
Honesty Various D Various This Series of Honesty Plays was designed for puppet use but can be adapted for use as straight drama. Each of these plays are part of the whole and can be performed over a number of weeks or throughout one session.. some are just short and humorous, others more serious in their approach. (Author: Warren Grieve)
Robot Father Dur: 8min L 1M, 4C The Mad Professor just can’t program enough features into his creation for it to take the place of a real dad. (Author: Gwyneth Bedford)
Tarore 10min D 1N, 4M, 1C, +V A true story from New Zealand history, in which two warring Maori tribes are reconciled through the death of a young girl and the book she carried. (Author: Edna Radford)
The Bully Dur: 7min L 1C, 1M A mime in which a nasty bully tries to knock a little girl off her path to school. (Author: Jeremy Moodey)
The County Fair Dur: 12min L 2M, 1F Teens are finally able to be on their own at the county fair, but they find out getting along takes compromise. (Author: W.A. Norash)
The Richest Man 12min L 1M, 1F, 4M/F To avoid the consequences of a prophecy that the richest man in the kingdom will die that night, the King gives away all his money, with an unexpected result. (Author: John Fewings)
To Be Or Not To Be (Kind, that is!) Dur: 10min L 3M, 4+M/F, 1N Two kings (one kind and the other mean) are constrasted, along with the consequences of how they rule. (Autor: Kelly Gross)
Christian Teaching
Tarore 10min D 1N, 4M, 1C, +V A true story from New Zealand history, in which two warring Maori tribes are reconciled through the death of a young girl and the book she carried. (Author: Edna Radford)
Monkey Faith 5min L 1M/F + puppet An orphan monkey learns about faith. (Author: John McNeil)
Super Secret Sisters Dur: 7min L 5F The Super Secret Sisters are meeting in a clubhouse. A prospective member is introduced and Clarice is very much opposed to allowing Cindy to become part of the club. A discussion on the rules of the club allow the entire club to come to an understanding of forgiveness. (Author: Glenn A. Hascall)
The Holy Clue 7min L 2M Batman and Robin appear in this short skit for children, teaching them that Holy is a word used only to describe God Himself. (Author: Mike Orlowski)
The Lord’s Prayer for a Child 3min D 1N (Author: Sheila Hamil)
Three Little Missionaries 10min L N, 1M/F + puppets The Three Little Missionaries discover the Big Bad Wolf is still alive and kicking! A play combining puppets with live actors. (Author: John McNeil)
A Missionary’s Heart Dur: 8min D 1N, 5C The Lord seeks for a person with a missionary’s heart. He tests hearts through asking them to give, pray, go, or obey. Instead, He finds selfishness, pride, self-righteousness, and doubting. He finally finds a missionary’s heart in a child. (Author: R. Taylor)
A Beary Twisted Tale Dur: 10min L 2M, 2F, 4M/F When Goldie stumbles across the home of three talking bears, she is surprised by what she finds inside. No deep message – just fun. (Author: Glenn A. Hascall)
Alice in Space 60-90min L Various The great-great-great grandaughter of the original Alice is migrating with her parents to a new planet when their spaceship is pulled towards a Black Hole. (Author: John McNeil)
An Acrostic Welcome Dur: 6min L 2M/F Using the letters of ‘WELCOME’, two people try to construct a list of animals that the Lord created for us all. Well…they try! (Author: Paul E. Russell)
Box of Joy Dur: 12min L Various A simple script with three songs, teaching values. Suitable for young children. (Author: Vijay Shanker)
Cind-Aerobics Dur: 20min L 2M, 4F, 2M/F This is an attempt to write a pantomime with a difference. It was originally written for a staff of teachers to entertain their children. (Author: Sheila Hamil)
New Clothes, Same Old Lie 60min L 7M, 1M/F, 3F Peer pressure and doubt are examined in this retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. (Author: Denise Busenitz)
Narnia scripts Scripts based on the Narnia stories (all will require payment) may be obtained from The Play Bureau.
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No Church in Churchville 30min D 5C, 2M, 1M/F Division has come to town. . . and is he ever a devil! Division has arrived in Churchville, and is bent on breaking up the last church over the use of a contemporary hymnal.  But there are a group of kids who are just as determined to keep their church together, and devise a plot that will bring the arguing factions back together! Our 5 heroes see the problem and set out to help the new, young minister keep his church together. (Author: Ray Lombardi)
Pippsi and the Tea Party L 1M, 3F, 4C This is one scene from a full length play, inspired by the Pippi Longstocking books. (Author: Jeanette Jaquish)
Silent Woody 20min L 10C The objective of the play is to show the value of those who are seemingly unimportant. The scene is a jungle community, where all the animals are being rewarded for their special skills. The grand finale is the Lifegiver Award to SILENT WOODY (a tree). There are objections from the Lion, who points out that WOODY is a mere tree and did nothing all day. How can one justify a prize for doing nothing? (Author: Vijay Shanker)
The Garden of Paradise 30-40min D 6M, 4F, 1M/F +V A retelling of a Hans Christian Andersen folk tale. With the help of the East Wind, Prince Regalis flies to Paradise to seek the lovely Princess, but loses all through his disobedience. (Author: John Schaper)
The Selfish Giant Dur: 60min+ D 20+C In its original form, Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant has strongly Christian themes. Sadly, many modern editions abridge the story, missing the point that true repentance comes when we meet Christ, and that the Lord rewards love shown to “the least of these.” This present adaptation for stage is close to the original storyline and develops these Christian themes through song and dialogue, as well as retaining interwoven imagery of the cycle of the seasons. (Author: Oscar Wilde, adapted by Robin & Delwyn McKenzie

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