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I did my library degree by distance learning. It is a great way to work and earn a work related qualification.

Academic staff introduce students to the modules that they will study when away from Aberystwyth. Examinations are also held during study schools. The study schools normally take place at Aberystwyth every June, at the beginning of the first, second and third years of study.

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e.g. Information and Library Studies Degree

Core (200 Credits) The following modules are core and must be taken

Semester 1

Introduction To Information And Communication Technologies DS24220

Collection Management DS30510

Dissertation DS30620

Information Retrieval DS31620

Information Sources: Access, Use And Evaluation DS31820

Marketing Of Services DS32620

Research Methodology DS33320

Information Literacy DS34020

Information And Society DS36020

Management Of Organisations DS36520

Options Students are required to select a further 40 credits worth of DIS option modules.

To complete the Degree you need to:

  • successfully complete 240 credits, including designated modules, and attend three compulsory study schools

Approximately 80% of the degree course is composed of designated (i.e. compulsory or core) modules, including a 30 credit dissertation. The remainder of the course is composed of your choice of option modules. You are able to progress at your own pace, taking between 2 to 5 years to complete 120 credits for the Diploma, or 3 to 5 years to complete the total of 240 credits required for the Degree. This means that you will need to spend an average of 8 to 15 hours a week studying, depending on how quickly you plan to complete your course.

Distance Learning

Everyone ‘does’ distance learning (DL) in a different way. At the Department of Information Studies (DIS) we put the student at the centre of the process as far as possible. We know that mature distance learners often have to juggle their work and family commitments with their studies, so we try to be as flexible as possible with robust and validated programmes of study. For example, you can take time out from the course should temporary circumstances prevent you from studying. In addition, we do not impose assignment deadlines; you work at your own pace (not ours) setting your own assignment schedule within the overall time frame of the course.


Short Course CPD by Distance Learning

This year the Department of Information Studies (DIS) celebrates 50 years of providing top quality research, education and training in information, archive, library and heritage studies – including over 25 years delivering distance learning programmes. We offer whole degree and Master’s programmes by distance learning. In addition, we continue to offer a select range of Short Courses for continuous professional development (CPD) by online Distance Learning.

Specialist Short Courses on offer this year:

DS30810 Focus on the Child: Libraries and Literature (undergraduate 10 credits)
DS34020 Information Literacy (undergraduate 20 credits)
DS34520 Archive Management: Principles and Techniques (undergraduate 20 credits)
DS34610 Introduction to Music Librarianship (undergraduate 10 credits)
DS35010 Digital Information: Discovery to Delivery (undergraduate 10 credits)
DS35620 Web Publishing (undergraduate 20 credits)
DS36210 Introduction to Rare Books Librarianship (undergraduate 10 credits)
DS36310 Advanced Rare Books Librarianship (undergraduate 10 credits)
DSM0520 Publishing and the Web: Exploring new technologies (postgraduate 20 credits)
DSM1610 Rare Books Librarianship 1 (postgraduate 10 credits)
DSM1710 Rare Books Librarianship 2 (postgraduate 10 credits)
DSM1910 Introduction to Music Librarianship (postgraduate 10 credits)
DSM2820 Archive Management: Principles and Techniques (postgraduate 20 credits)
DSM7510 Digital Information: Discovery to Delivery (postgraduate 10 credits)
DSM8520 Compliance Law & Ethics (postgraduate 20 credits)
DSM8810 Focus on the Child: Libraries and Literature (postgraduate 10 credits)


Undergraduate Courses:

Distance Learning courses

Postgraduate Courses:

Campus-based courses

Distance Learning courses

Admissions tutors base the criteria for admission on a combination of relevant work experience and academic capability, sufficient for direct entry to Part 2 (year 2) of the programme.

If you are unsure whether you fulfil the admissions criteria, please contact the Department’s Admissions Team (dis-dept@aber.ac.uk) or the Open Learning Unit (olu@aber.ac.uk), where staff will be able to offer you further advice.

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