You Touched My Inner Soul By Dee Mc Donald


While researching the possibility of doing a Ph.D. in the Classics I recently discovered my Greek History lecturer had died in 2006. I had wanted to do a Ph.D on Herodotus. I had kept touch with the lecturer for many years after college, right up to his death. I was very fond of him as a lecturer and colleague, later on. RIP Dr.C Gaynor,  Dept. Of Ancient Classics, U.C.C.

I decided, instead, to go to literary boot camp and study English, especially creative writing and publishing and stick with the day job!

In Memory Of Dr. Gaynor.

The Clarity you gave to me,
It shone like Angel rays,
Like water rushed on golden sands,
And crashed along the bays.

The questions deep within my heart,
Confused my humble mind,
Yet when you spoke your words aloud
It seemed, no longer I was blind.

The answers all came flooding in,
They touched my inner soul,
The knowledge that you gave to me
Within my heart I hold.

I understood that the events
That troubled me somehow,
Was nothing to be frightened of,
Instead I should be Proud.

I Thank You Sir most graciously,
These words I say aloud,
For the Clarity you’ve given me,
Has made me feel quite proud.

Teachers Dwell In Some Far-Distant Heaven By John Sankey

Teachers dwell in some far-distant heaven,
Even the most plain and down-to-earth.
All your expertise and dedication
Captures our naive imagination,
Heightening the aura of your worth.
Eventually, that youthful admiration
Returns as we embrace what you have given,
Serving as the seed of our rebirth.


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