The Plight Of The Irish

The Plight of the Irish

The Irish are exiles in the land of America,

And cannot go home for the lack of a passport,

They left Irish soil during the 1980s recession,

They to send a few bob home to avoid depression,

To feed the family and keep the farm in the family possession.


They worked hard and help made America great,

All was well until September 11th and that sad fateful date,

History was rewritten America was attacked so their security was increased,

Border movement made stricter and the heavily policed.


The Irish in the US cannot secure the needed Visa or Citizenship,

They can never for funerals or weddings secure a home trip,

If they leave they will not be readmitted,

But here they have their homes, families and businesses they are committed,

The Irish are exiles until the bureaucracy is omitted.


About Author Annette J Dunlea Irish Writer

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