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Cooking in Sens


When I first got married and hosted dinner parties, my go-to meals were usually pseudo-Italian; spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, cannelloni, things that involved ground beef and cheese.


I guess I finally bored myself and now I rarely make them which is too bad because I think I’m better qualified to bring some authenticity to these plates.  But not today.  Today is a “I can’t be bothered” day, involving cans and “no pre-cook” dried pasta.


Yesterday, we closed a deal on a house rental, move in date December 15th.  Nice house, old decrepit stove.  Landlord vows to seek solution without mentioning the word “purchase.”    Indoor, continuous swimming pool with sauna 🙂  Taxes to be paid on rain water, no vacuuming or car washing on Sunday and, in case of need, pedestrian walk snow shoveling duties to be shared with neighbor, choosing even or odd days 😮


If you really can’t be…

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