The X(mas) Files- Limoncello

Food. Boom.

No need for a spoiler alert on this one as we all know I’ll be taking the old man a bottle of this zesty knock out juice for Christmas. To be quite honest I might fear for my own safety if I didn’t.
But while we’re here, let’s talk about dads. What the damn hell do you buy your Dad for Christmas? I mean, he’s got most of the stuff he needs and even more that he doesn’t, right? He has more than enough smelly things, and plenty of jumpers and ties and scarves he doesn’t wear. He has enough wine. There will be plenty of sweets over the festive period, he doesn’t really want those. He has a bazillion DVDs he doesn’t watch in the cupboard and twice as many CDs. And if he doesn’t have it on CD, chances are that he has a stealth copy on his…

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