Playing Hostess (Part 2)

Morning Espresso

ImageSo what should the hostess wear to her own party?  My recommendation is to prep and cook early in your ‘at-home’ wear (jeans, t’s, sweats) and an hour before your party, change into your party attire.  Tidying and freshening up before your party will ensure you won’t smell like dinner!  When you are putting the finishing touches on dinner, go ahead and wear an apron so you minimize splashes – and you’ll also look cute.


Polka dot apron from Etsy

For the holiday season, I like incorporating a little red in what I wear.  Another option is to wear black and accessorize with lots of gold jewelry, gemstones, and a sparkly shoe.  I like to keep it simple with dresses (no thinking there) and you also give yourself room to eat away!  (It is Thanksgiving, after all.)

Here are some party outfit options:


3/4 sleeve red dress from Ann Taylor

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