To Stay

This Gal's Journey

My hands embrace the steaming cup. Liquid comfort in the form of a hot cup of tea mixed to perfection.

Outside it rains, without raining.

The air is visible. Tangible. A fine mist hangs suspended; covering all who would venture into her midst.

Steam rises in front of me and I stay.

Soon the fire will crackle in the iron stove; warming a home already warm with full hearts.

The bell chimes and I want nothing more than to


To hide; retreat; hibernate until the day dawns bright.

I want to cocoon us all in this place. Here and now.

To bathe in the light of a fire and swaddle ourselves in the warmth of tea and cocoa and popcorn and blankets.

The chime rings again.

Whistfully my coat embraces my frame; I grab the car keys.

I must


But oh, how I long to


And if…

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