The Great British (student) bake off.


The bake off TV crew

I’m pretty obsessed with the surprise hit BBC show The Great British Bake Off.  Each and every week I sit down, watch and salivate over all the delicious things being made. If I was in the cooking tent I’m 100% sure that I would eat everything in sight.

Then it hit me, instead of sitting on the sofa dreaming of jam tarts, marshmallows and fresh bread. I could make anything on this show – of course not in the short 3 hours that the contestants are given.

How hard can it be? For years my birthday cakes and cupcakes have always been well received, and once in food tech I got the top mark in class for my bread.

The only real challenge, I saw, was that I was a student and student kitchens don’t have fancy things like electric whisks, cake tins and ovens that properly work. I mean we just about…

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