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Nigella Blog – The Cookery Goodess

Nigella Lucy Lawson (born 6 January 1960) is an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster.This is her blog.http://www.nigellablog.com/ “Nigella Kitchen” DVD Release Monday, 19 March 2012 DVD Release, Nigella Kitchen, Nigella Lawson Nigella Kitchen, Nigella’s latest programme to hit such … Continue reading

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British Library Blogs – Engage With Experts

BLOGS These blogs are written by our curators and other staff. Choose from the links on the right to read them, post comments and subscribe via RSS. You are welcome to comment on any post, but please keep your comments … Continue reading

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Library Of Congress Blog

About “Light and liberty go together.” Authors Erin Allen Jennifer Gavin Matt Raymond sample blog Protocol for One and All November 2, 2012 by Jennifer Gavin  Etiquette.  We love to make fun of it – from the character Rose Maybud … Continue reading

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National Library Of Ireland Blog

The National Library Of Ireland’s Blog http://www.nli.ie/blog/ Cumann na nGaedheal election poster, 1932. NLI call no. EPH ELE 1930-40 12 In over 120 years on Kildare Street we have accumulated quite a few stories; not to mention a few million … Continue reading

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Discover Ireland Blog

About Discover Ireland Fancy taking a break in Ireland? Well, you already know we love the place here in Discover Ireland – so we’re going to pool all our resources and tell you all about our secret hotspots, our brilliant … Continue reading

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Travel Greener Blog

A lovely travel blog complemented with beautiful pictures. http://www.travelinggreener.com/ Recent Blogs: 5 International Travel Apps London Hostel Style A First Time Guide To Edinburgh Keep Calm And Carry On Green Photos: Cappadocia    

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Fluff and Fripperies – Beauty Blog

Irish beauty blog with makeup news, product reviews and beauty tips along with skincare, fashion, lifestyle and other assorted fluff and fripperies!Fluff and Fripperies is an Irish beauty blog created by Emma Henderson in October 2010. Packed with makeup news … Continue reading

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