Envision A World Where Every Child Can Read


Family Literacy Groups:
A model first step for building
a literate community

Family Literacy Groups is an Educational Community whose goal is to bring together families with young children learning to read.

Our approach is not the same as many foundations which center their approach on reading to the child. We recommend books that are Montessori in approach and allow for the child to read along with the parent. Child friendly small-sized books, short in length and containing first words in a phonics-based system.

The premise is to develop the child into a successful, happy reader who enthusiastically offers to show his/her skills to others and anticipates every new book. Member families have the opportunity to share ideas with an online group and set up or take part in local off-line meetings. There, they are able to share experiences, concerns and find help to insure they are doing the best possible job teaching their children at home.

This connection is especiallly important for home-schoolers.

The Need for Literacy Programs

..More than 40 million American adults are functionally illiterate.
..The National Education Center for Statistics show almost 40% of children ages 9-10, cannot read at the basic 4th grade level.
Children who do not learn to read proficiently in school become the functionally illiterate adults described in these studies.

Why is that a problem?

  • 43% of people with reading deficiencies live
    in poverty
  • 70% of people with reading deficiencies have no job or only a part time job.
  • 70% of prisoners performed in the lowest 2 literacy levels;
  • $5 billion a year in taxes go to support people receiving public assistance who are unemployable due to illiteracy.
  • Children of parents who are unemployed are five times more likely to drop out before finishing high school than children of employed parents.

Functionally illiterate adults and children can never enjoy the pure pleasure of reading, whether a newspaper, a Harry Potter novel or a letter from Grandma.

Educational tools for Family Literacy Groups Projects are provided by MontessoriHOME , manufacturer of fine educational products for children, parents and teachers.

Family Literacy Groups is a registered a 501 C3
Bob Korngold, Founder

For further information on our group or any of our projects, please contact us by E-MAIL
or talk to us direct: 914 472-9849


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