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Magazines Ireland is the new name for the association of Irish magazine publishers.

“The new name reinforces the unique position Irish magazines play in the cultural, social and economic life in Ireland”, explains John Mullins, Chairman of the organisation.

  Grace Aungier
Chief Executive,
25 Denzille Lane
Dublin 2
353 1 667 55 79

Magazines Ireland represents 43 Irish publishers who together produce over 200 magazines, both consumer and business to business titles. There are over 2,000 people directly employed in the magazine industry with a further 9,000 jobs, such as freelance journalists, photographers and models, reliant on the sector.

“Irish magazine publishers contribute over €400 million to the Irish economy annually; €100 million of which is paid in taxes. Magazines Ireland has an important role to play to ensure this sector is allowed to develop and expand to its full potential in the coming years”, says Mullins.

Irish magazines compete with UK titles for space on the newsstands. Yet despite this major competition, Irish titles continue to perform well and outsell all others in each category within which they compete. “Irish readers prefer Irish magazines because the content is more relevant, the products and services featured are available in this market and the prices quoted are in the local currency. We have to build on this and make sure the market conditions, from production and distribution through to retailing and legislation, facilitate the huge potential we know to exist in the magazines sector”, says Mullins.

Designers in member magazine companies took part in a competition to design the new corporate logo which was won by Tony Temple from Zahra Publishing.

A full list of members and their titles, including contact details and rate card information is available on the web site.


Magazines Ireland is the trade association of Irish magazine publishers and currently has a membership of 43 publishers who publish over 200 magazines, both consumer and business to business titles.

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