Gardening Under Cover

Title : Gardening Under Cover – Where to begin with greenhouses & polytunnels

Author: Greenside Up

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The Internet, 01/09/2014

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How many times have you read the words ‘gardening under cover’? Did you immediately know what it meant? I remember reading the sentence years ago and assumed it meant gardening in a beautiful old Victorian style greenhouse. It didn’t occur to me that gardening ‘under cover’ could also mean under a cloche, in a polytunnel, a lean-to plastic greenhouse, under an empty fizzy drink bottle, or even on a windowsill, though reading the words literally, I guess it seems obvious now.

This week a reader contacted me looking for advice on gardening undercover, or more specifically, how to grow vegetables in her brand spanking new polycarbonate greenhouse that was still in its box. Her contagious enthusiasm was delightful and one I could relate to. We’re at the time of year when we begin to feel that bubbling sense of anticipation as the new growing season approaches, Spring is almost upon us! 

I was glad the reader got in touch before she’d opened the box. It’s at this stage that many people go wrong. She’d already done her homework and made her purchase. Now for the exciting part.

If you haven’t yet made your purchase, the following might help:

Research – Polytunnels versus Greenhouses


Glass or greenhouses are generally more aesthetically pleasing, will last longer, let in more light and hold their heat longer but they can cost considerably more than polytunnels. If you have your heart set on a greenhouse but finances are an issue, keep an eye on the small ads as they do pop up for sale from time to time or if you’re handy, make your own.


Polytunnels make gardening undercover affordable for many. You can get a much larger growing area for your money but you will have to replace the polythene every five to ten years, depending upon the gauge you buy and your location (some will be more exposed to weather conditions that others). The metal frame will make up the majority of your outlay but once you have that in place it will last you for years.

Like greenhouses, geodomes and hot houses look good and their shapes offer quirkiness to your garden. They are also able to withstand all-weather conditions so if you live in a particularly windy area, they might be an excellent choice. Again they’re quite pricey but can be used as sunrooms, kids play areas, somewhere warm to site your giant paddling pool, or of course, somewhere very nice to grow your veggies.

The Greenhouse People have an excellent buyers guide which, apart from extolling the virtues of their own products, also list many of the factors you may wish to take into account before you make a purchase of your own. These include tips on where to site it, whether to choose glass or polycarbonate,  ventilation and size, with much of the advice applying to polytunnels too.

If you can’t afford to buy new, I wrote a post in April last year looking at the cheaper versus expensive debate where there were lots of ideas for making your own structure. You can also take a look at the Greensideup Pinterest board dedicated to Greenhouses and Polytunnelswhere there are some fabulous recycled and new creations ….read more online……..

Autumn Gardening

Title: Autumn Gardening


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The Internet, 01/09/2014

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Autumn or fall is known to be a placid season.   It is a good time to revitalize your garden for the new season and for the spring time subsequently after all the frantic gardening and reproductive doings of the summer season.  It is the best time to ready our garden and start putting it to bed.  Here are some tips for autumn gardening to keep it healthy and booming.

  • Cutting and trimming of the plant’s back border and hedges that has gone floppy and leaving those still standing tough to serve as winter cover is the primary task. The 10cm cuttings are enough for hardwood herbs (rosemary, bay, natives-Bankias, grevillea, and coastal rosemary).
  • Removal of lower leaves and moistening the plants is also necessary and keeping it from strong wind and extreme direct sunlight helps a lot.
  • Observation of the sprayed weeds on your lawn is important to make sure they are dying.  Then scatter lime sparingly over your lawn to sweeten the soil after it has undergone food applications for several years.  Before the start of the winter season, autumn feeding should have been spread to you lawns in order to invigorate it.
  • Composts should be properly handled like a pro.  Fallen leaves, grass cuts, kitchen leftovers and shredded prunes must be deposited in the compost bin appropriately to avoid overloading it with only one component.
  • Organic matters like plant’s leaves, animal manures used in the garden invites the presence of earthworms, so you don’t have to put more of it in your garden area.  Earthworms are healthy sign that means, your soil is fertile therefore a very good site of plant reproduction.
  • If you got to have large trees, cultivation of its soil is not advisable due to destruction of its roots.
  • Before you climb for vines using a ladder, checking of tools should be managed first.  Check the rungs, tread, cross braces and its feet before using it.
  • Fallen leaves can suffocate your plants if they are left unattended, therefore, they should be moved to the compost bin accordingly.
  • Since the rose season is mainly the autumn one, planting roses will flourish your garden during this season.
  • With regards to cymbidium orchids, they can grow beautifully during winter and spring if they are placed in area receiving full sunshine during the autumn to have good flower spikes.
  • Evergreen perennials should be alternately replanted into a fertile soil with root divided evenly.

Easy DIY Garden Sheds DIY

Title: Easy DIY Garden Shed Plans

Author: Steve Maxwell

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The Internet, 01/09/2014

Sample Text: Almost all of us need a little place to store outdoor stuff — garden tools, recycling bins, the lawn mower, bicycles or other outdoor gear — and building a shed is one of the best ways to create additional storage space. Our garden shed plans are simple and require only basic carpentry skills.

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Build Your Own Garden Shed

Title: Build Your Own Storage Shed!


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The Internet, 01/09/2014

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P1100660.JPG<img class=”photoset-photo” alt=”P1100660.JPG” src=”” style=”width:295px;” />
P1100662.JPG<img class=”photoset-photo” alt=”P1100662.JPG” src=”” style=”width:295px;” />
We decided to construct the foundation of our shed out of cinderblocks.  This will help keep out any rodents, and doesn’t risk harming the trees beside the shed.  In order to lay a good foundation, we first had to level out the ground. We didn’t need to level out the middle of the structure’s base because that was later filled with limestone screening.  We made channels for the cinderblocks with spades and a pickaxe, and made sure to create a channel for the electrical as well.  The electricity comes from our house, which is about 10 feet away from where the shed stands.

Irish Log Cabins

Title: Log Cabins

Author: Log Cabins Eire

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The Internet, 31/8/2014

There are many other companies providing these and building assembly in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
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As well as supplying log cabins for you to build yourself, we offer a construction service. Our specialist staff are very experienced in not only assembling your building, but also in helping you plan your own build.

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Ideas For An Outdoor Tea House

Title: Tea House Plan Page

Author: Woodshop Creative Builders

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The Internet, 31/8/2014

Welcome to our Tea House Plan Page!

- Teahouse, Azumaya Plans-

We presently offer over 30 different sized Azumaya Plans,

with Straight, Curved, and Draped Roof Versions of the Dutch Hip, or

Irimoya style Roof, with a curved, extended Ridge Beam and wide overhangs.

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